Landscaping With Unique And Uncommon Trees


landscapingTrees are used for providing shade in a person’s yard and they can provide a beautiful background for your home’s landscape.

While common trees can be very lush and gorgeous you may prefer more unique, uncommon trees.

Landscaping your yard with unusual trees will express your creativity and personality.

Unique and uncommon trees have different colors of leaves. The texture of these leaves will also be different. These trees are sometimes rare and hard to find. You may have to purchase these trees from specialty and mail order nurseries.

You also may be able to find these trees online. Trunks of these rare trees may be twisted. They can also be broad or vertical. Some may be weeping and others will have foliage in various colors. You may find unique and uncommon trees that bloom at odd times of the year and have unusual flowers.

Large Uncommon Trees

  • Amur Corktree: This tree lives up to its name. Its branches and trunk are shaped like a cork screw with dark green leaves. Insects and disease seem to leave this tree alone. Flowers and berries grow on female trees. It has a high tolerance for different soils.
  • Chinese Date: Chinese date trees can grow as tall as 30 feet. They offer a date like fruit. They are also known as a Jujube tree. This tree also doesn’t have much of a pest problem. This unique and uncommon tree is resistant to heat and is hearty enough to survive in a drought. The only thing it can’t withstand is temperatures that reach zero degrees and below.
  • Cucumber Tree Magnolia: If you have a very large landscape then this tree will be a good tree for your yard. These trees are large and need lots of space. This unusual tree gets its name from the cucumber fruit that grows on it. The only drawback is that this tree needs a lot of moisture but pests don’t seem to inhabit there.

If flowering trees is something that you enjoy, then you will want to plant at least one of these unique uncommon trees in your landscape.

Flowering Trees

  • Japanese Snowbell: This tree is small, short, and wide. It only reaches 20 feet. The Japanese snowbell is very lovely. It has gorgeous white flowers that will bloom in late spring and the first of summer. This tree needs to be planted on a landscape that has good soil and enough moisture for it to grow in the summer. Pests are not a factor for this tree but in the winter it may need some coverage from the cold.
  • Sourwood: Sourwood trees in the autumn have the most beautiful scarlet color. They offer white flowers in the summer, and have lustrous foliage. This type of tree has to be planted wrapped in burlap. The landscape needs to be well-drained but moist. Soil for planting this tree needs to have a certain amount of acidity.

Any of these unique uncommon trees would be a focus point for any landscape. These trees are not something you would see every day and will give your neighbors something to talk about.

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