Lawn Mowers To Maintain The Beauty Of Your Lawn!


lawn mowerThe equipment which contains revolving blades to cut the grass and other plants of the lawn at an even length is known as lawn mower.

If the blades of the mowers rotate in vertical axis, then those are known as rotary mowers or else if they rotate in horizontal axis then they are known as reel or cylinder mowers.

Types of lawn mowers:

  1. Reel (cylinder) mowers
  2. Rotary mowers
  3. Riding (ride-on) mowers
  4. Hover mowers
  5. Robotic mowers
  6. Professional mowers

These are the six types of lawn mowers available in the market and the basic mechanism and function of these mowers are explained here:

Reel (cylinder) mowers:

  1. Basically this reel (cylinder) mower is divided into four types namely push mowers, walk-behind mowers, power mowers and tow-behind gang mowers.
  2. Push mowers should be pushed along, they don’t contain any motor and these mowers will be suitable for small lawns.
  3. Walk-behind mower exists in many variations and they contain roller in front of the reel.
  4. Power mowers are again divided into two types namely triplex and fairway machine. Triplex will have hydraulically driven independent cutting heads where as the fairway consists of five to seven hydraulically driven cutting heads.
  5. Gang reel mowers are towed behind a tractor in gangs (sets) of five, three or seven.

Rotary mowers:

  1. These rotary lawn mowers are powered by internal combustion engines.
  2. The engines can be two-stroke or four-stroke and they require gasoline or liquid fuels.
  3. These rotary mowers are powered by electric motors and the usage of these mowers has increased a lot due to its flexibilities.

Riding (ride-on) mowers:

  1. These lawn mowers are used for large lawns and the operator will be provided with seat and controls of the mower and it literally rides on the machine.
  2. The common form of this mower is lawn tractor and it is usually designed to resemble like small agriculture tractor.

Hover mowers:

  1. These hover lawn mowers are motorized by rotary push mowers which uses turbine above the spinning blade in order to drive the air downwards by creating the cushion that lifts this mower from the ground like hovercraft.
  2. These mowers are also applied for very long grass and even for the light scrub.

Robotic mowers:

  1. These lawn mowers are made with latest technology and it is the second largest category of household autonomous robots which are used at the end of the year 2005.
  2. These robotic mowers just require the user to set the border wire around the area to be mowed.

Professional mowers:

  1. These professional lawn mowers are used at the large establishments such as sports stadiums, universities, local authorities, etc.
  2. These mowers take the form of dedicated, much larger, attachments that can be mounted or ride-on platforms.

These are six types of lawn mowers and you can select any one from it depending on the size of your lawn.