Organic Lawn Care Tips


lawn careWe all would love to see our yard looking smart and beautiful with the perfect lawn; Good lawn requires a lot of input and care.

Some have stopped trying to keep lawn because of this particular care while some believe it’s just destroying the soil and the environment because of fertilizers, weed killers and insecticides.

This is true, the chemicals do damage the soil but it’s still possible to take care without damage. Yes it is, this is organic lawn care. Hold your horses; this is how you go about it. [lawn care tips]

Soil type differs from place to place, from very rich soils to dry and poor soils. Fertilizer makes it possible for you to plant your crops in naturally poor soil.

Instead of using the artificial fertilizers substitute these with manure or compost. Some shops actually sell environment friendly fertilizers. You just have to ask, as easy as that. Other organic fertilizers are seed meal, fish emulsion and bone meal.

Let’s look at the weed problem. So what other alternative is there other than the artificial weed killers that we know. Clove oil is quite handy as an organic weed killer.

But the cup goes to a combination of vinegar with lemon juice. It is one of the most effective ways I know, to kill those plant haters. No, this is not a typing error. I did mention vinegar with lemon juice.

To wipe out the presence of pests and bugs you can get natural pest sprays. Consult your garden shop or magazines such as The Gardener. The second option requires a lot of your effort to make it work.

You have to study the pests that are attacking your garden/lawn and ways that you can get rid of them. Other options are available and always have been available. Pesticides were introduced to remove the extra effort needed to eliminate pests.

For example, there are plants that work as protectors for your garden. Garlic protects the root of trees and grass while onions help protect cabbage.

Plant flowers around your yard that will attract birds or lady bugs. Their favorite food is bugs, bugs and more bugs. So you are simply attracting them to a place that is rich in their food. I certainly wouldn’t move when there is enough food to sustain me for a long time and no one seems to be chasing me away.

Truth is it takes a lot of effort. Reality is it helps maintain your lawn [Lawn Maintenance] and your environment. So let’s go green with organic lawn care.