Ornamental Grasses for Wild but Complex Landscaping

Ornamental grasses can be used with beautiful effect in gardens. Irrespective of the size or type of the garden, ornamental grasses can add a lot of color, texture and life to the landscaping. They can be used effectively in huge gardens and also in planter gardens because these versatile garden elements are a perfect addition of beauty.

Ornamental grasses are available in varying heights, colors and types to suit different needs. Some can grow as tall as 12 feet and others grow as mound grasses. The vast variety can be used effectively to lend texture, contrast, color and beauty to a well planned garden.

Ornamental GrassA combination of ornamental grasses can lend a wild yet complexly layered look. .

Tall grasses can easily be used as screening solutions. They can be used to block out unpleasant view or provide privacy.

The thing to remember is that grass needs to be trimmed during the early spring, thus leaving no screen for a couple of months. Popular choices are big bluestem, moor grass and raven grass.

Since ornamental grass comes in a variety of shapes and colors they can be a great addition to planter gardens.

They can be planted in pots of contrasting colors or in an eclectic mix that puts grasses of different colors together.

Echeveria, a gray blue grass can look beautiful when planted or potted alongside fiber optic grass. Fountain grass can be combined with lavender, black eyed susan, hydrangea and miscanthus to create a stunning effect. Similarly a blue pot can be contrasted with a golden grass.

Brightly colored grasses in funky pots can be used to add a point of interest near bare walls or other hardscapes in the garden. Also since grasses don’t bloom, they are the ideal choice for spots near the swimming pools as unlike flowering plants they don’t attract bees. They look great when potted and used on patios and decks too.

Ornamental grasses can be used as borders, edges and even hedges. One just has to pick grasses that grow to the preferred height. They are perfect for creating accents in the garden. Fountain grass can be surrounded with canna, black eyed Susan, petunia and coleus to form a pretty picture.

Grasses can also be used to give the garden a wild looking landscape for grasses of varying heights can be grown to create a Moorish or wild grassland look. It will also help attract wild life like birds that can nest among the grass and breed there. They will also attract other species that feed on the seeds of these grasses. It is advisable to use local grasses as they will provide habitat and food for the local fauna.

One can also create a prairie look with the right grasses. These tough plants will provide natural beauty with minimum maintenance. They require much less care than grass lawns and are definitely a more environment friendly choice. Again native grasses are a better option for creating this look.

Ornamental grasses can be used in different ways to create interesting features and landscapes in a garden. They can also be used equally effectively in planter gardens, patios, decks, kitchen gardens and indoors when potted.

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