Plants For Desert Landscaping


desert landscapingDesert landscaping is an interesting way to decorate your house and make it look just though it were really a desert, and it’s not only a nice way to design your house but it’s also a great way to cut down on expenses because desert landscaping requires little water, maintenance and at the same time gives you a very attractive and picturesque landscape. [Landscape Design]

The trick to having a good desert landscape is to use drought resistant plants that require little water but at the same time look attractive.

Desert landscaping is not very popular but is gaining in popularity, the main reason for the lack of popularity is that most people have the wrong misconception that the only thing that grows out in the desert is cactuses and that a desert landscape wouldn’t be attractive; however this is not true as there are many attractive trees and plants that grow in the desert.

Aloe Vera plants are one of the many desert plants you can use for desert landscaping, the plant is well known as a medicinal plant but the Aloe Vera can also be used a desert landscaping plant.

Another good desert landscaping plant are yellow alyssum flowers, these flowers can help add a little color to your desert landscape, these beautiful plants are excellently adapted to desert life and would be best for those rocky gardens.

Yarrow plants also known as Achilllea millefolium, would also be great for growing on the border of rocky gardens. The plants have a beautiful feathery foliage and flower heads which makes them perfect for your desert landscape.

Desert landscaping is perfect for those people who live in low lying, rugged, and dry areas because it affords you the opportunity to have a garden despite the limited amounts of water available.

For example, desert landscaping is not only for those in hot and dry areas but for all those who are concerned about conservation of nature and water resources.

Desert landscaping can be the solution to our water problems as it will save up on the huge amounts of water that are used up each year whilst plant watering.

With desert landscaping we could use far much less water and still achieve an aesthetically pleasing landscape through the use of plants that need very little water. These include; the lambs ear plant, blue rug juniper plants, hens & chicks plants and the Becky Shasta daisy.

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