The Garden Lawn And How To Make It Perfect


Garden lawn is one of the most important parts of your garden. Any gardener will recommend you to choose carefully what kind of grass you are going to grow.

The experts are advising to consider grass, which grows easily in your area and moreover, make the choice according to the sort of your garden’s soil. It is important to choose the grass by several criteria – tolerance for shade, drought, traffic and mostly, temperature.

garden lawn 1

The perfect soil for your lawn is grass-friendly, fertile and well-drained. Before sowing the grass, use special soil fertilizer that will eventually improve the soil and prepare it for the grass.

Watering is also a serious issue, so you need to water two times in a week, accordingly to the growth of the grasses.

garden lawn 2

Perhaps the most important part for your lawn is the mowing. It needs to be done regularly, for it is also improving the grass growth. No matter of the sort, each sort of grass is healthier after mowing. According to the experts, the lawn needs mowing at least once in a week, but don’t forget to use a special mower.

The right mower for your lawn is that one, which doesn’t cut your lawn too short, for it can be dangerous for the grass growth.