5 Tips To Consider When Mowing Your Lawn

5 Tips To Consider When Mowing Your Lawn

There is more to lawn mowing than meets the eye! You may think of it as a simple exercise of pulling and pushing mower in the garden, but, hey, this is not just it. If lawn mowing is not done right, then your garden will look more unkempt than it looked just before mowing. Thus, you need to take law mowing seriously for the sake of your precious garden.

In this article, we will talk about 5 tips which you must keep in mind when mowing your lawn. So, without further ado, let us take a look at these tips:

5 Tips To Consider When Mowing Your Lawn

1. Planning in advance

You should be serious about lawn mowing, and hence, it is strongly recommended that you plan to mow well in advance. If you are considering designing a landscape or thinking of giving changes which will inevitably affect a considerable area of the lawn, then you should definitely plan ahead.

With such planning, you will know exactly how and how much you should mow your lawn to get the desired results, and hence, there will befewer chances of failure or bungling up during the mowing session as you would have the vision to guide you.

2. Do it twice, if needed

In case you have left unattended your lawn for quite some time and there are thick and tall grasses all over, then you should mow twice.

In order to get maximum results, you should adjust the blade of the mower to its highest setting in the first session. Later, in the second session, lower the setting and mow the lawn. Yeah, that is all you are required to do!

3. Mowing  tall grass

You should consider mowing grasses higher when they are stressed, whether from the heat or drought. The idea behind this is that taller grass blades actually encourage stronger and deeper roots and keep plants’ crowns cool. If you cut grasses too short, it may weaken the overall resistance of the plants against diseases and may foster the growth of weed seeds.

One more thing: do this type of mowing late in the year when the growth of the grasses slows down. Mow grasses shorter during spring since the weather is cool.

4. Only dry grass

You must not mow grass when it is wet. The outcome will be uneven cuts and the clippings will naturally clump up resulting in clods that will smother the entire lawn. Moreover, wet grass clogs the mower and makes a huge mess around the blade. It is also slippery that makes it all the more dangerous to mow, as you might slip and hurt yourself.

So, when mowing, do dry grass only!

5. Just a third off

You should mow often enough such that you cut off only the top third part of the grass blades every time you mow. In case the height of the grass is five cm, then you should mow when it reaches the height of 8 cm.

You do all of this and your garden will be healthy enough!