Tips To Make Patio Green


green patioThink patio and you start thinking of how you can make your patio attractive and nice to look at or sit on it; the color theme and the type of garden furniture you are going to put in it and the combination of fabric that you are going to use and the things you are going to use as a decorative feature.

All you need to do all that is to be creative and put what you like. But your patio will only be complete when you add plants to the picture.

They provide the natural aspect that blends in with all the man made artifacts that you would have incorporated for the patio.

Lawn adds color and nature to anything that is outdoors. Look at lawn as a background in making the garden with the house as the principal point. The lawn has to be the first thing in your list of your green patio. [Lawn Care Tips]

Consider getting the Korean carpet grass if your patio is located on a sunny part of the house. The Paspalam grass does well on a shady place. There are other different types you can choose from that are available on the internet.

So that you don’t get bored with your patio, ever thought of differentiating the look for a different season? Don’t worry you don’t have to keep moving the furniture around for that different look.

Plant a variety of seasonal plants as part of your patio. Your garden is beautiful throughout the whole season and each season blooms out its best.

Include a pathway in your garden. Now this is not primarily to allow anyone to walk through your greenery but it adds a certain look to your patio.

Also add a water fall or garden ponds. This is however limited to the space you have provided for your patio. If there is space available make sure you add gold fish in a pond or your miniature waterfall display.

The options are many. Stretch your creative ability to the fullest potential. Don’t forget to add some creepers and climbers to cover up the wall. Then tell me you don’t have a beautiful green patio.

I’m not saying this is all you can do to your green patio. These tips are just a fish in a whole pond. Open up your mind to a whole lot of options. So get going and go green with your patio. Go on, have fun while at it.