What To Look For When Choosing Paver Designs?


Patios are an outdoor extension of your living areas and thus needed to be treated a little differently from walkways and driveways. This is a place where you are likely to spend some time.

So it makes sense to give some thought to the paver designs that you may use to make the area more interesting.

paver designsNormally brick pavers are used to landscape the area, but interesting things can be done with them to make your patio stand out.

The brick pavers can be simply laid down as a huge unending wave of pavers or interesting designs and patterns can be created with the help of different complimenting or contrasting colors of pavers.

Some popular paver designs would be the simple Running Bond, Pinwheel, Basket Weave, Herring Bone and Circular Patterns, each progressively more complex than the predecessor.

The simplest of the lot is the Running Bond. It is normally used to lay bricks when building walls, simple yet intriguing and one of the best options for someone who is new at using paving bricks.

Circular patterns are the most difficult to lay and need a little finesse and expertise. The other designs too need a lot of attention when placing the pavers so that the final outcome is a neat finish.

The basket weave and the herring bone design are intricate and look very interesting especially when paver bricks of similar or contrasting colors are used judiciously to create points of interests or simply as highlights.

Different shades of paver bricks on the borders or as highlights for circular design add an additional point of interest in paver patios. The same can be done with completely contrasting colors too.

A new concept that is creating waves in paver designs is the Paver Art. This could easily make the patio the highlight of your outdoor landscaping or even be used as the kick off point of your landscaping theme.

Simply put an artwork designed with pavers is inserted into the patio layout. You can choose from the stock designs that companies have to offer or even order a customized design to satisfy the aesthetic part in you.

Simple additions like seat walls can also add to the design features of your patio.  The wall seats can be made by coordinating blocks or with natural stone.

When using natural stones for the seat walls, ensure that they blend well with the paver stones that are being used in the patio. Do remember to match paver designs to the bigger picture of your landscape so that the patio does not stand out as a sore thumb.

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