Gardeners Want Organic Products, But Lack Basic Knowledge


organic gardening1A large percentage of garden product consumers admitted they would prefer to use organic products if these could guarantee the same effectiveness as the traditional chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

But what exactly do we mean by organic gardening?

These are products deriving from natural elements with no added chemicals.

Consumers are not too optimistic with regards to the economical benefits and value of organic products.

More than half of the consumers who, during a survey, were asked whether they would use organic products, answered that they definitely would, if they knew where to find them.

The other half said they would also use organic products if they were more familiar on how to use them and which products to look for.

Most families understood the importance of organic products in order to preserve the environment, but only a little more than 50 percent knew how to implement this gardening method.

On the gardening market, certified organic products are labeled with a OMRI mark issued by the Organic Materials Review Institute, though unfortunately there are no real set standards that define the use of ‘natural’ in products, for some may contain blends of synthetic as well as natural elements.

In order to be sure you are truly purchasing an organic product, read the consumer label attentively to check the components.

Organic gardening products work just as well as the synthetic products, although their reaction is slower, in addition you will need to use less of the product as opposed to the synthetic one.