Growing Organic Vegetables The Easy Way


organic vegetablesThere is nothing as satisfying as enjoying the fruit of your own labor. Eating vegetables from your own garden is one of the healthiest and economic ways to destress.

Nurturing a plant from the seedling to the time when you can actually get into your garden and enjoy your work is one of the most therapeutic things known to mankind.

If you are not sure of your capabilities of growing vegetables in your home garden, don’t worry, you can still find a lot of vegetables that are very easy to grow.

One of the easiest vegetable to grow by far is radishes. You can actually grow and harvest radishes within less than three weeks. Radishes is one of those vegetables that you literally sow and watch grow.

They grow so rapidly you can actually harvest one row and plant some more to enjoy through out the season or you can plant it while you wait for the season to be warm to make way for other vegetables.

Beans are also very easy to grow. They have very big seeds that you can actually see when you put them in the soil. Beans do not require much special attention other than warm moist soil.

The satisfying thing about growing beans is the fact that you can actually harvest a lot from a small piece of land because the bean stalk can bear a lot of beans.

For the ultimate experience of growing vegetables easily you have to try the cucumber. All you need to do is buy the seeds, plant them and sit back and watch them grow. Cucumbers grow above the ground and do not necessitate a great deal of attention.

All you have to do is place a stick near each plant that they can grow on and you will be enjoying growing cucumbers all through the summer. You can never go wrong with cucumbers as long as you take proper care of them with basic needs like watering and weeding them.

All leafy veggies are very easy to grow in your garden so another easy choice to go with would be spinach. You can implant spinach seedlings into the soil and all you have to do is make sure that the soil is kept moist. It takes about 1½ – 2months to mature.

With spinach you are guaranteed to have fresh green vegetables through out the season. Spinach does not require much attention; all you have to do is to make sure you water it regularly.

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