Mulch And The Road To Organic Gardening


mulchFor many gardeners mulch is as important as any agriculture.

This is so, because applying mulch into your garden means a couple of things, but most of all it means that your garden will be healthier, for mulch is already proven as a garden helper.

In case you would want to grow organic plants, you need to make a research over the mulch. There are two kinds of it – organic and processed. The organic one comes from compost, chopped leaves, sawdust, straw, shredded bark, pine needles, wood chips and sometimes, even paper. The organic one is of course preferable, for it contains all the useful ingredients for enriching your soil and plants.

As for the processed mulch, it is also toxin-free, but sometimes it can contain black plastic and some textiles. The effect of the mulch is just like a fertilizer, but stronger and more natural.

Once applied, the mulch is basically decomposing the soil and it improves its structure and health. There are two steps to combat the weeds with the organic mulch. The first step is to lay the mulch on a weeded soil. The second and the most important step is to place a thick layer of mulch in the soil.

This will discourage the new weeds from growing through it.