Organic Way To Control Weeds


weedsWeeds are among the most prevalent parasites popping up in our lawn and gardens.[Weed control]

Don’t you just hate them? Fortunately there are organic ways that we can use to fight back.

Weed can be hoed off from amongst your garden. Cut through the stems from the roots. Avoid using a blunt hoe. It will just make you tire easily and get frustrated.

Hoeing does not necessarily mean that you will suffer from a backache since you are bending over half the time. Just get a hoe with a longish stick (the part you hold) and hold it like the way you hold a broom.

Spread corn gluten meal over your lawn or garden. It will prevent a variety of weed seeds from growing. Corn gluten field will only be effective if you use it during spring time. It also works only during the initial germination stage.

Vinegar also kills weeds. However you need to be careful how you apply the vinegar because it also kills plants and grass. Preferably only spot treat to evade killing more than just weeds.

Hand pulling the weeds is a traditional way of controlling the weeds in your garden. We all want something that does not require much of our effort, but sometimes the best way is the hard way, besides the effort pays in the end.

You can tug and pull these weeds the whole day depending on the size of the garden. But you will also ensure that your garden is ridden of those pests. Do it with children, you will have fun.

Spread out thick layers of mulch in the garden [Mulching tips]. This will block out light which is essential for their growth. Examples of mulches include leaves, straw and shredded bark.

Other rather interesting weed protectors include cardboard and sheets of newspaper. Instead of throwing out your old newspapers use them to prevent light from reaching these weeds.

The sun can help you eliminate the weed problem, specifically the persistent ones. All you have to do is moisten the soil and put plastic over the edges of weed.

The sun burns the weeds in a period of six weeks. Start in early summer or late spring by hoeing or hand pulling as many weeds as you can. However this means that you will be leaving your garden bed alone for the next six weeks.

So you see you can kill weeds after all without the use of pesticides.

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