Peppers in The Adventure Of Organic Gardening


Growing peppers at your garden isn’t that difficult, but you need to follow some instructions that are going to help you in this issue. First and most important is choosing the right area for your peppers.

No matter of the sort, always go for full sun site. Remove all the plants in the area and make sure the previous plants weren’t tomatoes. The soil also needs to be well prepared. It needs to be well drained and therefore a proper fertilizer will do well.

Watering is also extremely important, especially in the first weeks of the growth. After that, the peppers require watering only once in a week, two times (if the weather is too hot).

Pepper roots are fragile, so plant them two months before the last frost. Plant the peppers in a row and make sure they have enough space between each other.

Once planted, enrich the soil and the root system with liquid fertilizer. In case your peppers have pale leaves, use fertilizers like compost tea or fish emulsion.