The Orchards You Can Grow Anywhere


With growing concerns about chemicals present in the fruits and vegetables that one buys at the supermarket, the need for organic food is increasing. Many people have kitchen gardens, but generally stick to vegetables.

It might come as a surprise that one can easily grow fruit trees too in one’s backyard and enjoy organic fruit.

Orchards You Can Grow AnywhereThis has been made possible with dwarf and semi dwarf fruit trees that need less space to grow and give fruit.

These smaller trees will bear fruits of the normal size, though their produce may not be exactly bountiful.

Some of these can be easily grown in the garden or even in large sized pots.

Some of the fruits that thrive as miniature or dwarf trees are apples, peaches, figs, pears, cherries, plums, nectarines and apricots.

Some of these can be as small as a couple of feet but the smallest of cherry trees can grow to about twenty feet.

Most dwarf trees will need eight square feet of space to thrive and semi dwarf trees need about 15 feet of space. These trees will normally have rootstalk from dwarf varieties and you can choose the fruit variety to be grafted on it. Most nurseries will do it to suit your choices.

The miniature fruit trees can grow in pots which are 12-15 inches across, although cherry would be happier with an 18” pot.

The produce from these trees may not be as large as the normal trees but it will ensure that you eat organic fruit and if you would like to have a variety of fruits in your “kitchen orchard” you can always opt for the potted variety.

Do remember that some species need pollinators and you may need to grow two trees of the same kind to be able to harvest fruits.

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