How to Choose Climate Friendly Plants?

How to Choose Climate Friendly Plants?

If you are hearing this term “climate friendly plants” for the first time, then you might be questioning the existence of any such thing. Well, no need to worry your little head because it’s true and it is because some plants can be friendlier to the climate than others and this is what makes the climate friendly. If you are planning to make an orchard garden which has many layers then it might help in increasing the productivity of the garden to absorb more carbon dioxide.

Trees, shrubs, and hedges, etc are known to provide a garden with food and shelter for the animals along with that they shelter your gardens and help to prevent the drying effects which comes with the wind and sun rays. Hence, it keeps your garden soil moist and carbon rich.

If you prefer growing plants or crops which last for a few months over the annuals along with that if you grow ground covering plants, then you might just end up protecting the carbon present in the soil and stop it from getting oxidized due to cultivation. However, if you prefer growing annuals then you should make sure that the ground is covered with mulch or green manure plants.

How to Choose Climate Friendly Plants?

If you are making a climate friendly garden then listed below are the types of plants you may include:

  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Hedges
  • Climbers
  • Herbaceous Perennials
  • Ground Cover Plants
  • Lawn & meadow plants (for small areas)
  • Rain Garden plants

Other things you should consider for making your garden, even more, climate friendly are:

  • Protection of soil & the minerals
  • Vigorous growth
  • Feed the soil with nitrogen and carbon, you can use nitrogen fixing plants, deep rooted plants & plants that have a good root system for this.
  • Resilience in different situations
  • Usefulness of plants (food bearing, medicinal plants, etc)

Other than what you should consider for climate friendly garden, listed below are some plant characteristics which you might have to avoid if you want a climate friendly garden:

  • Fire prone plants should be avoided
  • Thirsty plants or the plants which can’t survive on tap water should be avoided
  • Plants which inhibit other plants should be avoided
  • Invasive plants should be avoided even if they are least likely to become invasive

Some plants which can survive all year long in your climate friendly garden are listed below

  • Golden Sword Yucca

It can be planted in combination with everything and it can survive in the same pot for up to four different seasons!

  • Green Mountain Boxwood

Though it is a slow growing shrub like a plant, but it will make sure that your garden stays colorful all year round!

  • Japanese Pieris

This plant is known to change its color from glossy red to salmon pink and eventually to creamy white depending on the climate. They are attractive and compact for display.

  • Bergenia

It is known to have bold leaves which shine when kept in the container!