Clivias: Unique Flowering Plants For Indoors


Clivias are extensively used plants by households and their famed orange heads are quite popular from many years.

Maximum wonderful blooms they offer with little effort in caring clivias make them popular house plants.

If you give right conditions for clivias plant growth, they can look after themselves and also repopulate in surrounding free space.

Conditions for clivia plant growth

  1. Soil: Wet soil conditions are not suitable for clivias, so they don’t thrive in clay soils. Loamy soils are rich in humus and they are considered as perfect choice for growing clivias.
  2. Lighting: Usually, clivias are considered as shade lovers. But, they can do well if they are placed out in sun and also they can survive under a shady big tree. Clivias won’t endure freezing temperatures and survive well under bright light.
  3. Feeding or fertilizing: Even though clivia plant appreciates rich and well drained soil, Clivias are not essentially heavy nourished. Feeding clivias with best organic fertilizers can help in plant growth. Don’t forget to feed the plant with fertilizers during flowering season.
  4. Watering: Provide enough water to clivia and remember that potting mix that remains constantly wet can develop rot. So, try to water the plant only when it needs.

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