Daffodils: Perfect Choice For Beginner Gardeners


Daffodils are easiest plants to grow indoors or outdoors. They usually require very little maintenance and come in various shapes and colors.

Daffodils are famous for yellows and they are ideal choice for beginner gardeners.

So, if you want to start your gardening with a perfect choice, here are few tips for growing daffodil plants.

  • Daffodils should be planted in the months of August to November. Remember that the earlier you plant, the better bloom you can get.
  • Even though you can grow daffodils from seeds, usually they take almost five years to achieve a perfect blooming plant. If you want to grow daffodils for next spring, plant daffodil bulbs from the fall itself.
  • When you are growing daffodils to enhance the look of your garden, plant them along the borders. To create a good display in your garden, plant bulbs at different depths and increase the number according to the space available.
  • Most common mistake you can make while growing daffodils is to cut back the foliage after finishing the blooming of daffodils. You should avoid this mistake because after completion of bloom, plant starts to rebuild the bulbs for next bloom.
  • After the bloom has finished, the plant will make use of foliage to collect moisture and sunlight. So, continue watering the plants to achieve good bloom for next year.

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