Different Kinds Of Plants Found All Over The World

pitcher plants

There are different species of plants out there unique in their foliage, colors and uses. Others have been domesticated by gardeners with a keen eye while others are still natives of the wild.

Here are some few unique different kinds of plants out there:

The different kinds of plants and their origins

Firstly, there is the Indigo plant. This plant has over 700 species. They are a genus of perennial herbs and shrubs.

This plant has compound leaves and produces pink, purple and white leaves. The indigo plant has a species that contains the pigment that is used mostly by Asians to produce indigo dyes.

Venus flytrapAnother unique plant is the insectivorous plants. These plants are also known as carnivorous plants and feed from nutrients from animals that the plants catch for themselves.

They are usually found in bogs where the acidity level is very high resulting in low nitrogen levels. They get their nitrogen from the compounds of the animals without needing to manufacture it themselves.

However, the trapping system of these plants is comparatively small and their prey is limited in size.

A good example of an insectivorous plant is the venus flytrap. The plant grows to a height of about 30 cm. It has flowers that are white and small. The inner leaf surface is hairy so as to trigger its trap mechanism. When an insect enters the plant, it triggers these hairs and the leaf snaps shut, its interlocking spines trapping the insect.

pitcher plantsAnother of the different kinds of plants is the pitcher plants. Members of this flowering family have leaves that are modified as tubular pitchers to capture and digest insects.  Pitcher plants usually occur in poor soils and depend on the nutrients from the digested insects.

Its mechanism is such that when an insect finds its way into the plant, it cannot escape and is trapped by the hairs inside. Eventually, they fall at the bottom of the plant whereby they are digested by the juices contained there.

The poisonous types of plants

hemlockThere is another group of different plants that are basically called poisonous plants.  These plants result in death or illness when taken into the human body in small or moderate amounts.

Some of these plants may be either wild or cultivated, and some ornamental plants are poisonous. The poison may accumulate in all parts of the flower, for example the hemlock, or in the roots or the foliage, for example wild cherries. Some cause skin irritations, for example, the poison ivy, while some result in allergy reactions.

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