Essentials For Repotting House Plants


repotting plantThe type of pot that you choose for your house plant is essential in its growth and general well being.

So when your plant outgrows from its plant pot then it’s time for you to consider re-potting.

The signs you have to look out for if your plant needs repotting or not include observing the roots, if the roots start peeping out from the bottom of the pot then it’s time to re-pot.

Normally this will result in stunted growth. When you see that your plant has overgrown the pot, then it has to ring a bell once again. These are just two of the various indicators. Now what are the essentials when you want to repot your house plant?

Drainage is very important for your re-potting plant. Make sure there are drainage holes in the pot. Too much of anything is not good, likewise with plants. They do need the water to survive. But give them too much of it and they will die.

Make sure that you tease the roots when you are re-potting your plant. This allows new roots to sprout. It also helps in encouraging excessive growth.

Get the help of a professional gardener to do this if you are not too sure about it. Experimenting may be a risk as you may damage the plant rather than help it.

Get the right size of pot. One too small will inhibit the healthy growth of the house plant [keep house plants healthy], whereas a bigger pot will not restrict your plant from growing and extending its roots. Generally the new pot should be 2 inches larger than the previous pot.

When re-potting, also make sure that you choose the appropriate soil, for your plant. For example, a rubber tree will need lava rock soil. It allows for good drainage and decreases chances of you over watering it.

Smaller house plants however need fine textured soil. It retains moisture for longer hence reduced chances that it may dry up.

The reason why you will go out of your way to give your plant a new home is because it is crucial for its survival. It might not be an interesting activity but it’s important.

The best time to repot your plant is during the summer where the growth rate is at its peak. So don’t keep procrastinating when you notice that your plant has overgrown its home. Take the necessary steps to give it a new home.