Geraniums Are Ideal For Cool Climates


geraniumsGeraniums are the perfect plant to grow in containers, in very mild climates, they will be happy in the earth but in most cases, pots are best.

As they are native to South Africa, they can handle dry conditions so make sure you do not over water them.

The range of colors is vast from red to pinks, white and purple and various tones in between.

Planted in mass makes the strongest display but mixed can add an interesting twist. Geraniums are very easy to take from cuttings so replenishing your stock is relatively straightforward.

There are two different habits amongst the Pelargoniums, upright or trailing, for hanging baskets the latter provide a mass of blooms all summer long. Mixed in with other trailing plants the effect can be dazzling and very long lasting.

Water retaining crystals are great for saving on the daily watering regime and some potting soil now has this already mixed in. When putting into pots always remember that a smaller vessel will dry out much quicker than a large but also that massive containers take a lot of filling.

Scented Geraniums are quite special because their leaves are very fragrant making them perfect for placing where people will brush past them. The flowers are far less blowsy so mixing the different kinds of geraniums will give you the best of both worlds.

It is easy to see why geraniums are so popular, they require no dead heading to keep them at their peak and if the weather is good, they are the best summer bedding plants to choose.

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