Growing Lucky Bamboo At Home


lucky bamboo plantHaving a lot of trouble in your life lately? Do you seem to be unlucky these days? Don’t despair; there is hope in the lucky bamboo plant.

For sure, and you can plant it in your own home! Start smiling because I’m about to tell you how you go about it.

The lucky bamboo is an indoor plant. That is the main difference between it and other types of bamboos.

You can use it to decorate the restaurant, wedding party and also your home.

It doesn’t really belong to the bamboo family. It just has a striking physical resemblance to bamboos.

The bamboo is easy to grow so you don’t have to think twice about planting it in your garden at home.

They grow under the shade of the tropical rain forests naturally, thus they do not work well with direct sunlight.

It needs a substantial amount of sunlight for growth and it will thrive well as long as it’s not direct sunlight. Get it? The less the light coming through, then the growth rate also decreases.

Lucky bamboo plants need just the right amount of water. Not too much and not too little. Too much will produce excessive roots and too little will lead to stunted growth. Just make sure the water is at least one inch to be on the safe side.

They also don’t like to stand in water for too long as it slows down its growth. So change the water regularly.

When using fertilizer, use one with high nitrogen content as recommended for any plant that is part of the grass family. Mulching will also help in controlling the soil moisture to the desired level.

Like any other plants you have to think about pests and bugs that will probably attack the lucky bamboo plant. Bamboo mite for instance, sucks the juices from leaves. Using a systematic miticide may be helpful in getting rid of this bug.

The lucky bamboo is evergreen. Any sign of a change from this means that there is a problem. It might be receiving too much of direct sunlight or the temperature may be below the required minimum.

The lucky bamboo plant is considered to be a plant that brings in luck. Believe it or not but the Asian community take this seriously so you will find a lot of these plants in many homes. Want to be part of the statistics? If yes then you should be ordering your plant now, If not for luck then just for decoration purposes.

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