Growing Wonderful Nasturtiums In Home Garden


Nasturtiums are actually loved for their rich jewel-toned colors. Most of the varieties will behave as perennials in some particular zones and can be used as ornamental plants for your garden.

Nasturtiums are easy and fast to grow and they can do best even if you ignore a little.

Soil and site preferences to grow Nasturtiums

Nasturtiums need average soil and full sunlight to grow. Annual Nasturtium seeds can be sown directly into well weeded soil in spring season.

But, remember to keep an eye and provide enough amount of water, particularly in hot seasons.

The best way to grow Nasturtiums is across the path of the garden instead of allowing them to climb on walls.

Eating Nasturtiums

One of the best features of Nasturtiums is all parts of the plant including seeds, leaves and blooms are edible. The leaves of Nasturtiums are rich sources of vitamin C and the seeds include high iron content.

Nasturtium blooms make wonderful garnishes for your salads and vegetable platters. The young leaves are used as spicy pepper substitute.

Problems with Nasturtiums

Nasturtiums attract aphids and they must be kept away from other plantings. However, if taken proper care, aphids can be easily treated with effective insecticidal soaps.

But, if you notice that the plant is damaged or spoiled beyond the repair, it would be better to discard them and begin another yield.