Ideal Plants To Grow In Your Dorm


aspidistraAs a student you probably don’t have time for a lot of things much less taking care of a plant but that does not necessarily mean you don’t have the desire to own a plant to brighten up your dorm room.

The best plant you can choose as a busy student is one that does not demand a lot of attention and can handle the occasional neglect it’s bound to get in your dorm room.

There are different types of plants that do not require much attention.

One of the best plants to grow in your dorm room is called aspidistra. This plant is also commonly known as iron cast for its reputation of being as tough as nails.

It take survive in the dark corners of your dorm room where there is not much light and does not die from very low temperatures.

It does not require much attention as it is reasonably pest free and does not suffer from many diseases. Dust and pollution does not affect it all. Even watering is not an issue with this plant as it can go with the occasional watering and can survive a long time without being watered.

Just because this flower is tough does not mean it is ugly. On the contrary, it’s actually very beautiful in appearance with the occasional bloom of small turnip looking puce flowers.

Peace lily is also another great looking plant you can add to your dorm room. This plant is okay in low levels of light. This means that it does not need to be taken outside for light on a regular basis.

And it is very ideal for those of us who don’t know when to water plants as its leaves are a major indication of when it requires water. The leaves will wilt to show that it is thirsty and needs watering.

Sansevieria is another good idea for a dorm plant. It can survive in both shade and sunlight although it flourishes in sunlight and does not do well in temperatures that are below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

This plant can also go for long without being watered. Especially in winter it only needs to be watered about once or twice a month. During summer you have to make sure its soil is dry in between watering because over watering is not good for it. Putting in the light once in a while will make it flourish well.

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