Medicinal Plants To Grow In Your Garden For Treatment Of Ailments!


medicinal plantsIn busy world, having a beautiful garden of our own whether in a large or small area brings peace of mind and happiness.

Gardening is an art which needs skill and an aesthetic sense of creativity [Effective gardening ideas].

Most of you are under the false impression that gardening is only done for vegetables, flowers and for decoration purpose, but it is not true; few useful medicinal plants can also be grown in the garden.Planning a garden of plants with medicinal properties is fun and rewarding.

There are plants of particular properties for the treatment of particular diseases and these groups are used for medicinal purpose. So, if you know about the proper medicinal plant uses with its remedial actions, you can make your treatments easy and successful with the best use of them.

You must be aware that the plants, herbs and shrubs are being used for the treatment of diseases and healing wounds from ancient times. You can prefer medicines prepared from different plants because they are considered to be non-toxic having no side effects like synthetic drugs.

Medicinal plants contain substances known to modern and ancient civilizations for healing properties. These plants are the sole source of active principle capable of curing man’s ailment.

Usual forms of medicinal remedies

These medicinal plants are available in many forms and they are useful to you in every aspect. You can make infusion, which is simple way of extracting the active principles of herbs through the action of hot water.

You can prepare infusions in similar way as you prepare tea. You can use single herb or a blend and can be drunk hot or cold. You can use this method because it is the most common and cheap method of extracting the medicinal compounds of medicinal plants.

The other usual form that you can prepare is decoctions and in this process the parts of the plant are cut or broken into small pieces and boiled along with water. After cooling down and separating the solid from the liquid, you can obtain decoction and this preparation can be take either hot or cold.

Tinctures, syrups and infused oils are the other forms that you can use. Tinctures are prepared by using alcohol and by immersing dried or fresh parts of plants in alcohol. If you don’t like the taste and want to change the taste but not the medicinal property, then you can add honey, and this form results in the preparation of syrup.

Oil is also extracted by the infusion process and you can easily use this oil to make creams and ointments.

Medicinal plants that you can grow in your garden

Many medicinal plants offer a safe and gentle action on the body systems. These plants can be grown in your garden very easily as most of these plants need less care than flowering plants.

You can easily grow plants like tulsi, shatavari, mint, neem, tamarind and ginger in your garden. All these medicinal plants can help you to acquire proper health, thus leading a healthy life style. You can consult an herbalist, if you have any doubts about using these plants.