Not Enough Space? You Can Still Have a Garden


Any gardener knows that landscaping is an art. In case you are having a small backyard, you can create a wonderful landscape that is going to beautify your entire home. The first thing you need to do is to pull out a plan about landscaping your garden. Forget about the boulders and the rocks, because your area is limited and it is not going to be very aesthetic to place big objects in the small garden.

The ponds can’t be part of your landscape, for they require a lot of space. The raised flower beds are the right ones for your garden for they will create some relief in your garden.

container gardening

The small yards can be designed at affordable prices, so you can landscape your yard just by containers. You can plant your flowers in containers just as you would do for terrace landscaping.

The plants that are proper for small yards aren’t big bushes or trees. Go for delicate flowers and small shrubs.

Colors are the next thing to be concerned about. Go for cool colors, because they create the illusion for a bigger space. The evergreens are the proper plants for small yards, for they offer a feeling of largeness.

In case you are still dreaming about a rock garden, you can have it, but only with small rocks. Surround your containers with small rocks. You can paint the rocks in all kind of colors, but usually the white color is perfect for a mini rock garden.

garden benchPlace some statue at the center of the yard for it will draw the eye. A bench is also a good idea to consider, but you should place it in a way that it will open the view to your home.

Small decorative figures are always welcome for creating a landscape, but don’t overdo the garden.

If you are having statues, don’t place any figure. Try to create stylish and simple landscape, because if you place too many things it may look overdone. Another thing you can do to beautify your yard is to place some low voltage lighting for the evenings.

The accent lights in the flower beds are an interesting idea. The old garden lantern creates a beautiful ambient, thus you will add a sparkle in your landscape.

In case you really want some water in the landscape, go for mini waterfalls. They are easy to set up and maintain. Also they do not take too much space.

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