Perfect Plants For Winter Gardening


Gardening has always been an art. When it is winter, there are also plenty of plants that you can grow in your garden. In case you want to plant in the winter, here are some species that are very proper for cold weather gardening. The camellias are one of these plants.

camellia flowers

They enjoy cool climate and can be grown very well, even in the coldest months of the year. Recently camellias are considered as not very fashionable plants, but if you want to add some white and red blossoms during the winter, go for them. The camellia sasanqua requires just well-drained soil and in the early spring you will see its colorful blooms.

The hellebores are also good plants for cold weather gardening. They are not very common, when it comes to landscaping, but their winter roses are popular for being attractive and strong scented. Hellebores come with huge foliage and weatherproof flowers. Even the snow and the frost can’t cause any effect over the plant.


Try the hellebore called “White magic”. This is a hybrid with pure white flowers and it looks amazing. The helleborus corsicus is the other type of hellebore, which you should place in your winter garden. The helleborus corsicus has long soft green leaves and pale green flowers with interesting marring tinges.

wirch hazelUsually the hellebores reach 1.0 m, but it can grow even more. It doesn’t require any specific cares, but the specialists are recommending some proper fertilizer to stimulate the growth in the winter.

The scented plants are yet other plants, which can be grown in the cold weather.

The so called witch hazels, Hamamelis doesn’t have beautiful blooms, but they got something else – extremely nice scent, not to mention they are often used in the perfume industry.

The witch hazels have strange blooms, but if you choose the so called “Jelena” Hamamelis you will enjoy amazing red blooms that resemble the blooms of a rose. In the autumn their foliages have spectacular colors, which is another reason to grow them in your garden.

galanthus nivalis

You can also research in your local store about other sorts of scented flowers, which can be grown in the winter. Perhaps the queen of all flowers in the winter is one – the Galanthus nivalis or the famous snowdrop. This flower and its blooms are considered as a sign that the spring is coming soon, but its real beauty is in its pure white colored blooms.