Choosing the Right Plants for Hanging Baskets


A lot of times people tend to neglect the possibility to have plants for hanging baskets. You should know that there are many different plants that you could be thinking about, such as annuals and even evergreen shrubs that would offer your home a nice aspect throughout the entire year.

You shouldn’t be planting the hanging basket plants randomly, but opt for a color scheme and stick to it. You could be using pink, white or even yellow or red.

Plants for Hanging BasketsIn the majority of the cases people are planting after the frost is over, and hang the baskets at the beginning of spring, but you could also choose frost hardy plants, and so you would have hanging baskets during the entire year.

How to handle hanging basket plants?

Start by preparing the compost. You will need control release fertilizer granules and also water retaining gel besides the multi purpose compost. You should mix all of them.

Then just remove the chains of the pot and place it on an even surface to keep it steady while working with it.

First, before planting the plants for hanging baskets you should add a layer of coconut fiber at the bottom of the pot. There are different kinds of lining that you can find in stores, but you should avoid sphagnum moss because it isn’t a sustainable crop.

To make sure that water won’t be able to escape after planting the hanging basket plants, you should add a plastic liner to the bottom of the pot, but make sure that it won’t be visible from the outside.

When planting the plants for hanging baskets, start with adding a layer of compost to the bottom of the pot and then select the plants for the edge of the pot. In order to make sure that you won’t damage the stems or the roots, wrap each of them in paper. Then place the plant in the soil and remove the paper. Add all the plants that you want.

Then add another layer and add some other plants. In the end don’t forget to water well the hanging basket plants.

What plants are right for this task?

Pansy Citrus Mix

The advantage of these plants for hanging baskets is that they make it possible for you to enjoy the colors of summer even during the winter. This mixture comes with flowers in sunny shades. The advantage of them is that you could plant them almost anywhere and they will create a mosaic of color.

Viola Odorata Miracle Mix

Just as the name suggests, these hanging basket plants offer a very strong and nice scent that will make the head of people turn during the spring. They are just great for hanging baskets.

Lobelia Trailing Mixed

The difference between this one of the plants for hanging baskets and the other ones that have been presented is that this is cascading from the basket, adding color to just any patio. Another advantage of the plant is that it is extremely easy to grow.