What Plants Are Better for a Salsa Raised Bed Garden?


If you are a fan of salsa, you might know all about the ingredients that are needed. Most probably you also know that these ingredients seem to taste better in case they have been grown in your own garden.

One of the ingredients that you can grow at home as well is cilantro. This kind of plant is known for its distinctive flavor and you can be sure that every dish that has it will be special.

Bed Garden

It is important to remember that this is a short-season crop, and this is why you should plant a few seeds every three or four weeks. This way you will be able to ensure a steady supply.

The sweet pickle pepper can be a nice addition to salsa or any other kind of salad. The plant will offer you two inch long fruits that come in numerous colors, including orange, purple, yellow, and also red.

There are some plants that not only are useful but also decorative. One of them is the black pearl pepper. This kind of pepper is known for being really hot, even hotter than the jalapeno. The foliage of the plant is a rich purple one and it produces black-purple fruits, that, as they reach maturity, get a glowing red color.

The calico pepper might also be really nice to grow, not only for the pepper itself, but also for the purple-green foliage that it has. The plant produces small purple flowers, that later will become thumbnail-sized peppers that are really hot.

In case of salsa one ingredient that no chef should forget about is the garlic. Garlic chives are quite easy to grow in the garden. All you have to do with the garlic is to chop it up and you will have instant homemade guacamole ingredient.

The plant comes with grassy leaves that offer nice texture to the garden and a surprising fact about the plant is that the white flowers that it produces are also edible, offering late-summer delight. In case you don’t want this plant to take over the garden, cut the fading flowers, so that the seeds won’t spread.

Jalapeno pepper has been mentioned before. This is a very good way to spice the salsa up, and to add some mild hot flavor to it. Also this kind of pepper has a really special taste. Another advantage is that they might be used green, or at maturity, when they achieve a red color. They taste great in every case.

One of the most special ingredients that you might use is the golden jubilee tomato. This plant has been introduced in 1943, and its popularity hasn’t faded since then. The plants are known to offer numerous yellow fruits that have a nice and mild flavor. Gardeners really like this species because it is really resistant against the majority of the diseases.

The last plant that should not miss from a salsa garden is the better boy tomato. This plant offers read fruits and just as the previous one, it is resistant against numerous diseases.