Separate And Spread Them To Encourage Them Grow


Spring is the perfect time for dividing your perennials. In case you want to keep your plants healthy, you need to divide them every three years.

The perennials that grow quickly are known for forming big clumps. Dividing is useful in order to protect the clumps.

dividing perennialsMake sure your perennials aren’t overcrowded, because that is a risk for your plants to catch fungal disease. To avoid any insect infestation, divide the perennials more often.

The division of the overcrowded perennials is also needed, because they will produce bigger flowers.

If you leave them on small distances from each other, they will not grow properly and the flowers will be smaller. Make sure you are keeping the special perennials in bounds.

dividing perennials 01These are gooseneck loosestrife, obedient plant and plume poppy. They need special care and are called “aggressive”. Dividing them is absolutely a “must”; hence they often overwhelm their neighbor plants.