Southern Garden and the Easiest Plants to Grow in It


Living in the southern regions has a lot of perks, including the fact that the weather is usually nice and that you don’t have to worry about the effect that the cold weather might have on the plants.

Nonetheless you should consider only those plants that are suitable for this region, otherwise you will have a lot of work to do, and it isn’t even sure that the plants will like the care that they receive.

One of the plants that are easy to grow in this region is the hardy hibiscus. These are really nice looking because of the large flowers that they produce. They bloom during the late summer and early fall and the colors that they have range from white through pink to red.

Indian pink could also be considered in case of the gardens in the south. It is known to be the favorite of the hummingbirds because of the bright red flowers that have a yellow top. The advantage of this plant is that is produces blooms through the entire season.

Southern GardenAre you looking for a flower able to offer blooms in the middle of spring? Look no more: the crested iris is for you.

Although the majority of people think that the iris comes only in a purple shade, there are also blue and white shades as well.

These plants represent a nice addition to the garden even when they don’t produce flowers because of the tiny clumps.

The bee palm offers a more special look than the rest of the flowers that have been mentioned. These plants produce red flowers during the summer time.

The gardeners really like them because they act as a magnet for butterflies and also for hummingbirds. It is interesting to know that the plant itself is a really aromatic one.

If you would like to have a plant that also looks good in a vase, then you should take into consideration the northern sea oats. You can be sure that the oat-like heads will provide an interesting look to the garden. Although the plant looks harmless, you should know that it spreads really fast and this is why you should give it plenty of room, or keep it contained.

Helen’s flower is, in fact, a kind of daisy that can be found in numerous autumnal colors, like orange, gold and red. This kind of flower is easy to grow so it might be perfect for the novice gardeners as it offers the garden one last color wave before the winter. One selection that you might like because of all the colors is called “Mardi gras”.

Another easy-growing plant is the stoke’s aster. It also has the advantage of a flower that blooms for a longer period of time producing lavender flowers all through the season. There are several popular selections that include ‘Blue Danube’, ‘Mary Gregory’ and also ‘Peachie’s Pick’.

In case you like the red flowers, you should also try growing royal catchfly. Most probably you will like it, and the hummingbirds of the region will be grateful to you.