The Art Of Growing A Bonsai

The Bonsai is a vegetal manifestation of art which needs a bit of attention every day. Watering, pruning, setting and of course communication are the necessary tools to nurture a bonsai.

Here are the basic tips you need to use so this little art masterpiece will live long and prosper.

Watering is done depending on the bonsai type and the weather conditions. Because the soil quantity is small, you must make sure that the soil is moist and know that it must never dry.

The tap water is fine for watering if you let it stay for a day in a glass so all the chlorine in it will have time to evaporate and the water temperature will be the same to the one of the environment. You should know that the rain water is cheaper but also perfect for the bonsai.

The necessary light differes from one species of Bonsai to the other. The best source of light for any plant is the natural one coming from the sun.

Taking the bonsai outside is necessary. Do not forget that this plant is actually a tree so it needs to be taken outside to adjust to the environment. Remember that if the temperature is below 12 degrees it will enter the hibernation process.

To take care of the roots, the bonsai must be replanted every spring. During replanting you need to trim the roots to a third of their length.