The How Tos of Plant Propagation


Spring is about to come very soon. Therefore, the gardeners are preparing for plant propagation. In case you are a newbie in this matter, here are few tips on how to do it yourself. There are many methods by which you can do plant propagation, but in general they are five: seed, cuttings, division, layering, budding and grafting.

garden seedsThe seed is also known as seminal propagation and it is the most natural way of reproduction. In case you are going for this method, you need to know that there are some hybrid seeds, which may not grow up.

Therefore, you should obtain the seeds only from reliable sources. Inform yourself about them before seeding.

The so called vegetative propagation includes methods by which parts of living plants are used to generate new plants.

The success of the plant propagation depends on several factors: sun, climate, soil and of course, humidity.

In case you are choosing to propagate your plants by seeding you need to check the condition of the soil in your garden. The proper time for seeding is usually the beginning of February and March.

The other method used for plant propagation is the cutting. Cuttings may be root cuttings, leaf cuttings, and stem cuttings.

The root cuttings include the mature roots, which should be cut in case of rimas. The leaf cuttings are popular for flowers such as Begonia.

trimming leavesThe stem cuttings are usually cuttings of the young and immature parts of the plants as in case of some plants like gumammela.

In case you are wondering how to propagate the famous Yucca, you should take cuttings from the roots in the early spring.

Grafting is also a method used for propagating certain plants. You need to make sure that the weather conditions are good enough, in order to do grafting of your plants. Usually grafting may be done in the beginning of the rainy or dry seasons.

For instance, the popular lilac should be propagated through grafting, but they may be budded as well. This method of division is used for ornamental grasses and some soft woods.

It is a practice to propagate vegetable and fruits by seeding, but you should inform yourself about the exact method for the particular plant.

Whatever you choose you need to know that all these methods require proper watering and enriched soil. Therefore, choose a good fertilizer.