The Jasmine Live Fence – a Scented Beauty to Treasure


The jasmine bush is a thick plant, growing straight up extremely fast, sometimes reaching 2-3 m in height. It is a treasure to have in your garden especially in summer when the sweet mild perfume is spread from the white-yellow flowers all around the garden. It is a beautiful decorative bush because the leaves, in the most shiny green, stay green until late fall.

jasmine live fenceMaking a live fence out of this lovely bush is an easy task. Such a live fence is kept at the height of 1-2 meters by periodical trimming. If one jasmine bush looks spectacular inside a garden, a live fence would take the breath away.

When growing a jasmine live fence, the light is a very important factor. The jasmine needs direct light exposure and thrives beautifully in direct sunlight. In order to bloom properly you have to make sure that the plant has at least 4-5 hours of direct sunlight.

Although it tolerates temperatures between 10 and 30 Celsius degrees, the jasmine prefers the areas where the temperature does not drop under 18 degrees. This beautiful bush does not like wind and during winter there is always the danger that the frost will reach its roots.

This is why you have to cover the roots of the bush with extra dirt and put a thick layer of dry leaves or straw on top of them before the cold comes.

The jasmine live fence pulls nicely through short intervals of drought but enjoys regular watering during summer. In the rest of the year the watering can be rare and done only to prevent drying.

The air humidity protects the bush from the insect attacks but is not necessarily mandatory for its growth. The garden jasmine is known to have a high tolerance to dry air; so you can grow it even in dryer areas of the world.

The jasmine likes the light soil that is able to retain water. A soil rich in limestone as well as one, rich in clay will do perfectly, as the acidity level and water pH are concerned.

The jasmine bush fertilization is something completely fuss-free. A light layer of fertilizer on top of the ground every 2-3 years will make sure the plant grows beautifully and has a longer bloom.

The beauty of a jasmine live fence can help you change the look of your garden. It can also give a hand in keeping air pollution away. Who can say no to such a perfect combination?