The Right Way To Choose Your Baby Plants From The Nursery


When going hunting for the future planting stock in the plant nursery, we tend to be impressed of how healthy and amazingly robust the baby plants look and usually we are right to assume they are exactly that way.

Still, there are times when you need to know how to verify if the baby plants you are purchasing are as healthy as they look.

Here are a few steps that will help you in the process of choosing a healthy planting stock. The good news is such a process does not take more than fifteen minutes and after you have selected the right plants you will be sure they will grow to be healthy and beautiful elements that will make your garden proud.

The first step is to be sure of the quality the plant nursery has, and make a general opinion over the conditions the plants were brought up to the state they are when you are evaluating them.

Evaluate the majority of the plants and make sure they look fresh and well cared for. Pay attention to the leaves, analyze the intensity of their green color and see if they are shiny and robust. Be careful about those plants that tend to wither or turn yellow because they are beyond salvation.

Secondly, look at the shape of the little plants no matter if they are compact or have several strains.

Depending on the species you are evaluating you have to know that if a plant grew taller than usual it does not necessarily mean it is healthy but rather that it has pushed itself to grow towards the light being placed in a too crowded environment. This may have caused it to have a taller but feebler strain which is a sign of weakness.

As insects and pests are concerned, look carefully on the leaves and on the bed for the signs that may unveil the presence of these inconveniences: dark areas, holes, spots, juicy areas, slime or distortions.

Consider when examining the base of the root and the strain that they aren’t broken, cracked or present scars.

The part of dirt in the shape of the ball around the roots must feel firm. In the situation that this is broken, the roots might be dry and the plant may suffer in further growing process.

As the plants with flowers are concerned, replanting them is more benefic when the buds are not opened than when they are in bloom.

Following these simple steps will ensure you a beautiful planting stock filled with beautiful and healthy baby plants which will make you happy as you see them grow into your dream garden.

Photo Credit: HH117