Top Three Trees For A Small Garden


Crabapple TreeTrees in a garden give a little extra beauty and benefits. They give shade during those long summer days and they change colors during the seasonal changes of spring and autumn.

If the garden is small, then a small tree is needed that won’t overcrowd the area.

There are a few trees that are preferred for small gardens. Here are a few:

The Strawberry Tree (Arbutus unedo) can grow up to nine meters in height and its trunk maintains a shade of red all year round. It also produces fruit as well as flowers. The tree will grow in most soils and it grows slowly so it is definitely one to consider.

Crabapple trees are also beautiful. Depending on the kind, it can grow about eight meters tall or more. Great for shading in the summer, and this tree has beautiful flowers in shades of pink, white and red, plus it bears fruit in varying shades of red and gold, so this one is decorative as well as edible.

Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum), although a little more finicky than the other two, it’s best not to put it where it will be completely in the sun all day, but it makes up for it in its breathtaking, foliage that turns red in the autumn. Depending on the kind, its bark is also red.

There are many other trees out there for small gardens; however, these are a few that have multiple qualities. Be sure to research and then decide.

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