Tropical Plants To Grow In A Garden


Tropical PlantsThere is a wide range of flowers and herbs that have adapted to the conditions in the tropics.

Some of these plants have been domesticated in our backyards while others have been adopted into our diets as seasonings and flavor adders, for example sweet basil.

One of the tropical plants that are outstanding is the African violet. There are many varieties to this flower.

Examples of these varieties and hybrids include ones that are a hot pink with a yellow center, deep blue with rose shaped flowers, a remarkable blue with white edges and so on.

These plants are acknowledged for their enchanting flowers and their foliage. They are adaptable to conditions that are warm and humid, bright but sun-shaded and fertile yet perfectly drained soil.

Another remarkable plant of the tropical plants is the Day Lily. It also comes in a number of varieties as most of them are hybrids. They can be found having colors such as yellow, pink, red, green and so on.

As well as the color the size and the shape of the blooms vary. Similar to the African violet, it also flourishes in well drained soil conditions although it has adapted to a variety of soil types.

Furthermore, there is the Stevia Rebaudiana. This species of tropical plants is amazing because it has been discovered that it is about 200-400 times sweeter than cane sugar.

Outside of tropical conditions, the plant is grown as a perennial. This plant has been recommended to be used as a diet supplement although in some countries it is used in commercial food products.

The fact that it has been used for centuries as a natural sweetener proves that the plant is safe for people with blood sugar disorders, weight concerns, yeast intolerance, and other conditions as compared to other artificial products available on the market.

Furthermore, there is the Begonia. This member of tropical plants has over 3000 known varieties. Some of them include Rex, Tuberous, Cane and many others. These plants are grown for their foliage, others for their flowers and others for both.

For your Begonia to flourish, grow it in favorable conditions that include an excellent drainage system, wind protection and rich organic soil. Provide your plant with a warm location, feed it fertilizers preferably organic and provide a shifting shade.

There are many other tropical plants, each with their own specific features. There’s no harm that can be done by growing some of these in your backyard. This way, you have a beautiful landscape under your reach, and access to some of nature’s healthiest herbs such as the Stevia Rebaudiana.

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