Want To Grow An Indoor Bonsai Plant? Learn How To Grow Bonsai!


Bonsai PlantBonsai plant brings a good look for gardening both indoor and outdoor. It is a unique plant in several aspects.

It can survive in our regular indoor environment with the help of regular plant light and a very minimum care.

Indoor gardening is becoming popular concept as it acts as a medicine to person addicted to it and also helps in decoration.

You can grow bonsai both outside and also indoor as bonsai garden is quite common.

Guide to bonsai general care

Three things are involved, which you should know while taking care of  bonsai. Whether you are growing bonsai indoors or outdoors, the three things for bonsai care include: soak the tree for one to three times in a week completely, misting daily and exposing the bonsai to bright sunlight indirectly.

You can grow bonsai in healthy way if you follow those three things. You will also need to prune, feed, and possibly, repot the bonsai. You have to provide bonsai with proper sunlight and sufficient water.

Set proper schedule for indoor bonsai for watering which is suitable for environment of trees. Start first to soak the bonsai each week in a container of tap water, but, you should not immerse the whole bonsai plant.

Always remember to water the plant regularly; never wait for the soil to dry completely before you water the bonsai again.

Continuous feeding should be given during spring as you can see new growth at this period. A fertilizer stick can be inserted or fertilizer that releases slowly can be used for feeding bonsai. Bonsai fertilizer can be added each week when bonsai is immersed in water.

If you have an indoor bonsai, you should place the plant in indirect sunlight for about five hours because sunlight is essential for bonsai just like other plants. You can take the plant outside during warmer months but do not place the tree directly under the sun, especially during afternoon.

The living space of an indoor bonsai

The living space of an indoor bonsai is extremely limited by the plain pot. Their survival depends on the careful maintenance.

It is very important for you to check before purchasing s bonsai plant, whether you can offer the right location.

Beside daily care you must always provide enough water to the tree because water is the means of transportation for all vital nutrients. Hence, a bonsai can survive only if it is supplied with necessary quantity of water.

The trees which were formed to bonsai can survive only under the conditions on a continuing basis which are identical with those in their natural surrounding area. The plants, however, which have their native country in the tropics, can be drawn up only as an indoor bonsai.

These tropical tree species stand climate in our living rooms rather differently. Nevertheless, problems often appear because of too low air humidity. In summer you should put the bonsai into the rooms, hence a bright window place protects before the bulging sun.

Growing an indoor bonsai plant with care will make your house or garden impressive.

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