Want To Plant Evergreen Shrubs? Get Shrubs From Plant Nursery!


plant nurseryPlanting shrubs or any other plants in autumn will be better. Most of the perennial plants with woody stems can be put at any time when the ground is not frozen.

However, landscape and horticulture experts say shrubs and trees planted during the autumn months have an advantage over those installed in springtime.

Woody plants need good roots to bring in enough water and minerals to support both. Balled and burlap specimens are dug from fields where they have raised.

In plant nursery, trees and shrubs are grown in containers and have only little space in their pots for roots from the get go. The health and vigor of newly located landscape specimens depend in part on how well their root systems develop.

The earth stays warmer than the atmosphere as days grow from September through November. Soil temperatures below the surface stay sufficiently high for root development through out a distinctive Tennessee autumn. Therefore, it is better to get shrubs from plant nursery and plant where ever you want to, for a proper growth.

Selecting a shrub or small tree

The first consideration in shrub selection is homeowner preference. Plant nursery catalog can also help you to buy the specimen and bringing it home from the plant nursery or garden center.

Before purchasing the shrub you must be sure that it is hardy winter and also know about how much sunlight the shrub must get each day. You should also know morning or afternoon sun better and what the moisture requirements are.

Shade plants often want both less sun and more water, but few prefer dry shade. Though some shrubs are drought tolerant when mature, they typically need extra water during the first one or two years at a new location. Irrigation may be required while they establish a good root system.

Once you have bought the shrub or small tree from plant nursery, you must be sure to match the conditions that a shrub needs in your courtyard.

Too many single species planted closely may also cause problem of infection or insect infestation which hits one and will more easily spread to the others.

After selecting the shrub or small tree, you have to use proper planting techniques even in autumn. Planting shrubs too deeply is the greatest mistake you will be doing while transplanting. You should always keep in mind not to plant deeper than the root ball.

General information on care and planting

Better go to a plant nursery, where you are given the information on the care and planting of deciduous fruit and ornamental trees. They help to take particular care to ensure the trees and whatever they sell are kept in the best possible condition when you take home.

After purchasing the shrubs, you should prepare the hole ensuring the hole is large enough for the roots, cut off any damage roots or excessively long roots and place the tree in the hole.

The tree should be planted at the same depth as it was grown at plant nursery. Back fill with fine soil consolidating as you go and water the trees in well after planting. The autumn will help your tree to grow well.

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