Finding the Perfect Water Garden Plants


A water garden is always a nice addition to landscape, and for it to have the look that you have always wanted, you also have to make sure to choose the right water garden plants.

When making that choice you should consider both the looks and functionality. If you opt for the right plants, you will be able to naturally oxygenate the water and to compete with algae. One of the rules that the gardeners always keep in mind is that the plants should cover no more than 2/3 of the water.

Water Garden PlantsWhen it comes to plants for water garden it is very important not to have the water crowded, so there will be air circulation and the plants won’t be attacked by diseases.

In case you get small plants keep in mind that with time they will grow and so they will require more space.

The plants for water garden come in every color you can possibly be thinking of and there are some that offer their blooms continuously.

Besides the flowers you could also be thinking about adding foliage plants that offer a color palette ranging from green to bronze.

There are a lot of different water garden plants that are getting more and more popular, but still it looks like the basic four categories are still the most widespread.

Floating plants for water garden

Just as the name suggests these float on the surface of the water and you can place them anywhere on the pond. Since they are growing quite fast, it might be needed for you to thin them from time to time. Their leaves are shading the water, allowing less light to pass, slowing down the appearance of algae. Examples for such water garden plants include Water Hyacinth, Sensitive Plant, Water Lettuce and Parrot’s Feather.

Surface plants

These kinds of plants for the water garden have their roots in the soil of the pond, but the flowers and leaves are floating on the surface of the water. Just as in the previous case, they stop light from penetrating the water, stopping the algae from appearing.

One of these plants is water lily that is hardy or tropical. They are just perfect for any pond and even for container water garden. Other water garden plants include Lotus, Variegated Four Leaf Water Clover, Water Hawthorne, and Yellow Floating Heart.

Submerged plants

These are also known as oxygenating plants. The leaves of these plants for the water garden can be found below water level and they rarely emerge above the water. Their root might be found in the soil or it could be floating. You should know that these grow quite fast, and so they require occasional thinning.

The greatest importance of these plants is that they maintain the quality of the water. They are producing oxygen for both the plants and the fish. These water garden plants do so by using the nitrogen coming from fish waste and decaying plant material, and they leave the algae without their vital nutrients.

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