A Mushroom Farm For A Profitable Gardening


Mushroom FarmIs there any other plant or herb able to produce so many life cycles and result in such a rich crop as the mushrooms are?

If you are the owner of a house and have the possibility to keep a cellar warm, a mushroom farm is easy to keep and fun to work on.

The mushroom farm can be small without costly investments and can produce 2-3 crops in a year being a household help and maybe a chance for a small profit.

If the owner considers extending to a surface of 10 to 50 mp, the business can grow and generate a steady chance of income.

The thing that need considering and investing are the ventilation-humidification system, the light, the heating and cooling installation according to the season.

In the situation of a personal business, the culture will be intensive and it will produce all through the year, depending on the species chosen for growing, as there are 5-9 cycles of production that can be obtained during this period.

Doing simple calculus in a year of a square meter surface can be obtained 125-255 kg of mushrooms at an average of 25kg/growth cycle.

A mushroom farm can become a solution for a person who likes gardening and found himself or herself out of a job. With a bit of investment and a lot of research a new earning opportunity can become available and you enjoy the time spent working the land.