Asparagus: Healthy Edible And Ornamental Addition For Home Garden


asparagusIf you are hankering to grow edible vegetables in your home garden that is ornamental as well, you can stop your search at asparagus.

With fern like foliage, asparagus is a summer season veggie that looks stunning enough to style any ornamental border of your home garden.

Growing asparagus

While the asparagus are accumulating energy to produce healthy roots, the new asparagus plants enjoy growing in moist conditions in its initial three seasons.

With almost 3 inch layer of rotted manure and compost, keep the plants mulched continuously to avoid moisture loss for the asparagus plant.

Mulching the plants constantly can help to provide essential nutrients for the plants’ healthy growth. During their peak time of growing, in midsummer, treat the plant with seaweed meal in order to replenish the leaves healthily.

Maintenance for healthy asparagus

Especially when the plants are young don’t forget to shower them with enough water regularly on daily basis. As it consumes almost 3 years for an asparagus plant to mature before it can be harvested, you should allow the plants to grow healthily and provide it with sufficient nutrients.

Do not concern if the leaves gather in trenches because it will keep the plant hydrated and prevent moisture loss.

Don’t worry even if the plants turn yellow and demise. Never try to remove the demise plants because they would serve as nutrients for the next season.