Common Problems In Growing Tomatoes


growing tomatoesTomatoes hold the number one spot in fruit consumption.

Tell me if I’m wrong but an umber of people believed this to be part of the vegetable family.

It is very versatile, tastes good and you can eat raw or cooked.

Come to think of it, this red and plump fruit seems to appear in about 2/3 of our dishes.

So what do you say, its worthwhile growing tomatoes in your garden is it not? After all it’s a must-always-have vegetable in the home.

Problems are there of course when you are growing tomatoes but who said they can’t be fixed? Here are some of the problems in tomato growing

In growing the red and plump fruit, you may notice a black leathery rot right at the bottom. This is a bacteria infection which spreads to the whole tomato as it grows. It’s triggered by a lack of calcium.

So, how do you get rid of this problem? Simple, just add eggshells to the transplant hole so as to add to its calcium intake. Believe me, works like magic! Just the right amount of water and fertilizer are crucial as well.

Noticed any small black spots that are scattered on the leaves? It’s called septoria leafspot.

The infection starts at the bottom of the leaves. Wet weather accelerates the spread of these spots.

Your tomatoes may also display poor color even when fully grown. This is as a result of high temperatures that have been exposed to the tomatoes. It occurs as a whitish area on the tomato during periods of high temperatures.

Another common problem in growing tomatoes is a disease that originates from the soil.

It’s called the verticillum and fusarium wilts. It causes the yellowing of leaves, shriveling and premature death of plants.

Phosphorous Deficiency equals stunted plant growth; curly, leaves that bend down limply with a purplish stint. Your mind immediately pictures a very sorry sight.

It is a common tomato growing problem that occurs in the cold season. The low temperatures hinder plants from taking up the phosphorous from soil. This mineral is essential in growing of your plant.

Tomato Hornworm is a pest problem common in tomato growing. They feed off on the tomato fruit and plant. They are large and ugly-green caterpillars that seem to love the tomato as much as we do. Well, what’s good is good, you can’t blame them for wanting some, but they are still pests that should be dealt with.

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