How to Choose Easy to Grow Vegetables


In case you happen to be a novice when it comes to gardening, you might be looking for some easy to grow vegetables. Why would you want to grow your own vegetables? Besides the fact that you know that they haven’t been treated with any chemicals, nothing beats eating freshly picked vegetables.

Cress as a vegetable that is easy to grow

When looking for such vegetables, most certainly you should consider cress. In the majority of the cases you can grow it in containers with the help of blotting paper or kitchen towel that is damp. Similarly to mustard, this is a vegetable that is easy to grow and that grows very fast and this way vegetable gardening becomes something fun that you can also include your children in.

Easy to Grow VegetablesRadishes

Although they must be on the list of easy to grow vegetables, you should know that the plants prefer cold and damp climate. All there is need for you to do is to thin them out in the beginning so that the bulbs will have enough space for development. It is common for the radishes to be grown along with carrots.

Green beans

In case you are looking for vegetables that are easy to grow consider the bush beans, but the truth is that the runner beans offer a bigger production using the same space because they are growing upwards. You could also be using them for decorating the garden, for example in case of an arch.


A lot of people think that potatoes aren’t easy to grow vegetables, but you can handle them easily as long as you water them and bank them up. A good thing about them is that they can be grown in containers as well.


If you are referring to onions as vegetables that are easy to grow you must be thinking about onion sets, since they are easier to grow than onions from seeds. There aren’t many things that the plants need, besides the weeding at the beginning. Radishes can also be planted along with onions. Their majority prefers to be planted at the beginning of the season, but there are some other varieties of easy to grow vegetables as well that you can plant later in the season.


This plant is also one of the vegetables that are easy to grow, and the best thing about them is that they can be grown both inside in a container and outside. There are a lot of kinds to choose from, and in case you are a beginner you should opt for the smaller ones that grow faster.

Swiss chard

Swiss chard is similar to spinach, because it doesn’t really have any preferences regarding the soil and they don’t care a lot of maintenance either. You just have to weed them at the beginning. The best thing about these easy to grow vegetables is that you can use both their stem and the roots. In case your children don’t like spinach, you could try feeding them this vegetable.