Easy Vegetables to Grow or the Fun Part of Gardening


In case you take gardening seriously, it is quite time consuming. On the other hand if you treat it as a hobby, you might be looking for some easy vegetables to grow since these are easier to maintain and you can involve your kids in gardening too.


For this easy to grow vegetable all you need is a plot of soil that doesn’t have rocks and that is deep enough for the vegetables to be able to grow. You can grow carrots in rocky soil as well, but they will become crooked. Although they are totally edible, they are aesthetically unpleasant. These vegetables can be harvested when the top reaches the soil line.

Easy Vegetables to GrowCress

Some consider this the easiest vegetable to grow. The advantage is that you can grow it in containers as well, with blotting paper or a damp towel. Just like mustard, the plant grows very fast and it is just great if you are a beginner or if you would like to start gardening with your children.

Green beans

There are several different variations of green beans, but the broad beans are considered to be one of the easy vegetables to grow. While the bush beans offer more production, the broad beans are easier to take care of. You could also opt for pole beans, but these need a trellis to grow on. The good thing about beans is that you can freeze them for later use.


This is also an easy to grow vegetable and you can grow it inside or outside. There are many different varieties to choose from, but in case you are a beginner, opt for the smaller ones that grow faster.


These are easy vegetables to grow because all they need is some space to stretch their roots and they will provide you with a lot of vegetables. For eating fresh cucumbers opt for the larger ones, but for pickles you need smaller varieties. Start planting them when you are sure that there will be no more frost.


Radishes are also on the list of easy to grow vegetables. They prefer the cold or damp soil and there is not much that you have to do about them. At the beginning you should thin them out for the bulbs to have enough space to develop. You could grow carrots and radishes together and you will have a bigger production.


This vegetable is rich in iron and you can add it to salads, omelets and even to soups. The best thing about this one of the easy vegetables to grow is that you can continuously harvest the leaves once they reach a certain size to encourage the growth of new leaves.

Swiss chard

The care for this plant is similar to care for spinach. All you need to do is to weed and to thin it, this way becoming an easy to grow vegetable. As you can see you have a lot of options regarding easy vegetables to grow.