Effective Tips for Growing Peas

effective tips for growing peas

Peas are considered as one of the oldest cultivated vegetable.  It is among those vegetables which can be cultivated without much hassle. Once planted, it hardly needs your attention. You just need to water it when required. Peas basically grow in cool condition so must be planted in the early spring. You can avail a full harvest just before summer.

The greatest advantage of planting peas is that you hardly need to worry about the pests and diseases and moreover the rhizobium in their roots acts as a great nitrogen supplier in the soil. This can help you in planting other crops.  To have a great pea harvest, here are a few handy tips for you.

effective tips for growing peas

Best Time

Spring is the best time to sow the pea seeds as it requires cool weather.


It is always advisable to sow the pea seeds in a raised bed. The Raised beds help with fast germination as the raised beds get warmed up faster compared to the surrounding.

Best Seeds

Soaking the seeds in warm water and then planting them boost the production of peas. Sprinkling inoculants just before sowing has proved to be a great booster.


Once the soil in your garden thaws, you are ready to plant peas. Peas grow best in sandier soil, which have good drainage. You need to also see that the soil does not get dry for a longer period.


Mulch is must for the peas to keep the soil moist and cool. The roots of the peas run shallow, so they have less access to the underground water. Once they grow, keep on adding more mulch.


Peas grow best with support. If a support is given, there is less chance of rotting.

Insects and Diseases

If you plant a disease resistant variety, you are very safe. One of the most common pests for pea plant is Aphids which can be easily controlled with simple spraying of cold water. In the worst case, you need to spray insecticidal soap. Powdery mildew can also be identified as a disease among pea plants. Crop rotation is the best way to get rid of such diseases.


Never ever over fertilize the pea plants as they hardly require any fertilizer. Moreover, they have the nitrogen fixing capability.


It is really important to know the correct time of harvesting. A round pod with a nice sheen and bright green colour suggests that the peas are ready to be plucked. While plucking you should pluck it with both hands as there is a high chance that the plant may get uprooted as the roots are not very deep.

Following the tips is sure to increase the production of peas in your garden.