Essentials For Fall Vegetable Garden


fall vegetable gardenVegetables that are known to grow in the fall season include cauliflower, Swiss chard broccoli [Growing Swiss Chard], potatoes and Chinese cabbage.

They do very well during this time of the year. They come out sweeter and taste nicer as compared to any other season.

Well if you really want to plant for the fall season you have to prepare extensively and be ready to take extra care for your plants to ensure optimum results. So if you are not up for the challenge, don’t even think about planting.

Fall gardening is a bit of a challenge because of the frosts that is why so many of us dread to do any garden work around this time. You should know when the first hard frost is going to hit your area.

Knowing that and the time span your plants are going to take to mature may save your plants from the low temperatures.

Protecting your crops is an essential as you approach the fall. You can cover your crops with mulch.

Mulch traps heat that is radiated from the ground so it doesn’t escape into the atmosphere [Mulching Tips]. In this way the crops survive throughout the wave of light frosts.

You should also look at the crop that you are planting. Crops such as potatoes, broccoli, kale, Chinese cabbage, carrots and kohlrabi can withstand frost at least until the hard freezes set in.

Pick the plants that generally have a short growing period to avoid harvesting crops that will have not fully grown. You should certainly take the measures mentioned above concerning the protection of your crop against the initial frost attacks.

You need to prepare your soil for fall gardening as well. This is simply done by the clearing of crops that have been left over during the summer and weeds. Failure to do this exposes the new crop to bacteria.

It is a shame really that a lot of people do not do any gardening during this period. This is the season where you do not have to work much in the garden. There isn’t much hard work needed at all.

These are just a few routines and measures that you should take. This is certainly how you will be able to have a good vegetable garden in the fall season. Well, why go to the extreme of hiring experts, when you can do it alone. This is certainly one great step to becoming the best home gardener.