Fall And Vegetable Harvesting


Fall is the right time for harvesting. Many gardeners consider harvesting as one of the most important issues, when it comes to gardening. Harvesting is important, because picking the fruits and the vegetables in the right moment is essential for the garden.

In case you don’t know when to pick your vegetables, you should read the catalog description of each vegetable. For instance, the vegetables with transplants such as the tomatoes and the peppers should be harvested in the beginning of the fall. Harvesting requires some special technology how to pick the vegetables.

vegetable harvesting 1

The asparagus is a very sensitive plant. Therefore, you should cut the spears, when they are 8 inches tall. Don’t harvest all the spears, leave 20 percent of them, because they will provide energy for the next year’s crop.

The beans and the snap are problem for most of the gardeners and many people don’t know the exact timing for a harvest. The beans need at least 50 days for bush and 65 days to pole. The right time to harvest them is when the pods are crisp. They will snap easily at that time.

vegetable harvesting 2

The peppers need 75 days from transplants. As for the colored peppers, they should be fully colored for harvesting. The hot pepper should be harvested when green. The most important thing, when it comes to harvesting is to do it in the right time, in the proper stage of maturity, when the vegetables are ready for it.

Most of them require harvesting more than one time. There are of course some plants that need harvesting every day. These are the okra, the squash, the beans and the cucumbers in the summer. Another very important issue is the problem with the foliage.

Many gardeners are damaging the foliages by stepping on the vines or breaking the stems of the plant. This way they are vulnerable to diseases. Be careful to not injure the plant, when harvesting. The eggplants and the watermelons should be harvested with a knife.

vegetable harvesting 3

The harvested vegetables should be kept into the shade. For instance, the potatoes are a problem for many gardeners, because they should be kept in cool space, but if the temperatures are too low, they will freeze. Therefore, harvest the potatoes before the first frost and consider the fact they need at least 110 days before reaching maturity.

Pumpkins also require lots of time – at least 110 days. They are typically the last plants in the garden. They should be harvested when they are fully colored.

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