Growing Cucumbers In Home Garden


cucumbersWith amazing rewards from the mildest growing efforts, cucumbers are exceptionally easy climbing plants to grow.

Making it accessible for every one, even if you don’t have much space in your garden to grow plants, it is quite easy growing cucumbers as they thrive on trellises and fences.

Choosing the best cucumber

With large variety of plants and its own distinctive characteristics, picking up the right cucumber is extremely important for you. Usually long green regular cucumbers are mostly used for salads or for eating raw.

Typical English cucumbers are thin, long and have prominently less seeds. This type is generally used for skin and for vegetable trays.

Growing cucumbers

Cucumbers prefer to grow in well drained soil and ensure that the soil has better organic material and essential nutrients to provide healthy growth of the cucumbers.

For increasing the length of cucumbers growing season, initially plant seeds indoors for at least 6 weeks before the last frost in your area. With an intention of not disturbing the sensitive roots, you can use biodegradable peat pots for sowing seeds indoors.

If you seriously desire juicy cucumbers, don’t forget to water the plant regularly. Mulch the plant well to keep the weed count minimum. Pick the cucumber as soon as they reach a mature size.