Growing Vegetables In Straw Bale Garden


straw bale gardenFor all those who think gardening requires too much labor here is news for you, not all gardening techniques require a lot of labor.

Tired of the whole digging process that you have to do every now and then? Straw bales come in as your even better option.

You can even grow vegetables in straw bales and get better results than the traditional garden. Building something worthwhile out of something considered as a waste product.

For those with small garden spaces this is ideal for you.  Strawbales utilize small space. Making a vegetable garden in the straw bales is simple. All you have to do is remove the straw in the middle of the straw bales and fill it up with soil and plant your vegetables in the soil.

You can use liquid organic fertilizers and water to feed the plants. No digging that needs to be done. In no time you would be enjoying your own produce. Don’t you worry about expense, straw bales are cheap as they really do not have much use anyway and they are available in abundance.

Most farmers worry about soil bourne diseases that may affect their plants. Good news to all with straw bale gardens you do not have to worry about that and less insects get to the garden as straw bale gardens are basically raised gardens.

Still not yet convinced about straw bale gardening? Well it would be interesting and to your relief and advantage to know that you do not have to worry about weeds ruining your garden.

This saves you from weeding which I must say is probably the worst part about gardening. You can change the position of your straw bale garden for a better sunny position seasonally if you so wish for better results, something you cannot do with a typical outdoor garden.

Tired of sharing your vegetables with the domestic animals? With straw bale gardening you have no problems with chickens or dogs eating your vegetables you have your produce all to yourself.

As for the slugs and the snails they can climb up the straw bales and with some coffee around the vegetables you have solved your problems.

Now that all your worries about gardening have been eliminated make the best of your gardening and grow your vegetables in straw bales and trust me gardening becomes much more interesting. Get those straw bales and you are assured of more space than you thought you had.